New long covid clinic set up in Surrey town

Article By: Christy O Brien

It will be based in Dorking Hospital on Horsham Road

Surrey residents suffering from 'long covid' can now receive treatment from a hospital in Dorking.

With Covid-19 now thought to have given 60,000 people in the country symptoms for over 12 weeks, NHS England have decided to create a clinic in Dorking Hospital on Horsham Road where specialist and rehab experts will help patients recovering from long-term effects of the virus.

Teresa Waterman, a patient of the clinic commented on the help she is receiving: "I have found the Covid-19 Aftercare Clinic a big support. it is most reassuring to be taken seriously with regard to to the long haul effects of the virus.

"The respiratory physiotherapy service is very professional. I have a very relaxed therapist who listens carefully, does a thorough assessment and provides support tailored to my personal needs. I have found this really helpful."

Meanwhile Stewart Tomlinson, Medical Director of Dorking Healthcare, a group of of GPs who run the hospital, added: "Our new COVID-19 Aftercare Clinic has been set up to ensure that patients have access to the broadest range of specialist care possible to help them overcome the problems they face.

"If anyone is concerned about symptoms from suspected or confirmed COVID-19, they should talk to their GP about whether they would benefit from a referral.”


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