Cheshire man creates Instagram page to share mental health experiences

Article By: Danielle Kate Wroe

Dan hopes The Strength In Stories Instagram will help people when they need reassurance they are not alone.

A young man from Cheshire has set up an Instagram page sharing people's experiences of mental health.

24-year-old Dan Gordon wanted to help end stigmas surrounding mental health by providing a safe space on Instagram for people to share their personal stories.

Dan has experienced poor mental health previously, and suffered a stress induced breakdown in 2018.

After completing counselling, taking medication and undergoing CBT, Dan now looks forward to the future with optimism.

His own experiences led him to set up the social media page after realising there isn't one place on the internet people can refer to, allowing them to read about other people's experiences.

He said: "Through the most intense periods, I would always be searching the internet for stories of people who had been through similar experiences as me.

"The trouble was that these stories were always few and far between. I would have to trawl through blog after blog, or hope to chance upon a random article to find one.

"Often, I would come across the opposite, as many websites are full of horror stories of bad mental health experiences.

"This is where the idea for Strength in Stories came from.

"My goal is that this page becomes a source of hope for other people who find themselves in the situation I was in.

"By no means do I want to make out that mental health difficulties are all sunshine and rainbows, but I do want to show that there are people like them living with mental health problems every day and these people are still able to lead content and successful lives.

"My aim is for as many as people as possible to see the page. I feel this is especially important in this current moment, where looking after our mental health is more important than ever.

"I hope people will take some comfort from these stories."


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