Cardiologist reveals 9 ways to prevent high blood pressure

Article By: Jenni Smith

With the help of Dr. Amodeo, we separate 9 ways to prevent the development of hypertension

Before knowing how prevent high blood pressure It is essential to know what high blood pressure is and what it can cause in the human body. The problem, in fact, is a disease that attacks blood vessels and can compromise the functioning of various organs, such as the heart, brain and kidneys. If the diagnosis and treatment are not adequate, the condition can even be fatal.

When measuring blood pressure, the ideal is that the markers are close to 120 by 80 mmHg. When the number recorded is equal to or greater than 140 per 90 mmHg, the patient is considered to have high blood pressure. And the big problem is that hypertension does not usually cause major symptoms.

“We call the disease the ‘silent enemy’ because it causes damage to the body without showing any signs. There are about 300,000 deaths recorded per year in Brazil due to heart and brain diseases, according to the Ministry of Health. certify that 80% of deaths from stroke and 60% of acute myocardial infarctions were caused by high blood pressure”, reveals Dr. Celso Amodeo, sleep cardiologist and hypertension specialist at Hcor.

How to prevent high blood pressure
For this reason, the ways to avoid any type of complication are: make periodic consultations with your doctor to assess how your blood pressure is going and invest in prevention techniques. In this way, with the help of Dr. Amodeo, we separate 9 ways to prevent the development of hypertension. Check out:

Maintain a healthy and balanced diet;
Consume little salt;
Practice physical exercises;
Do not smoke;
Reduce the intake of alcoholic beverages;
Have a good quality of sleep;
Use non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs only with medical prescription;
Avoid birth control pills;
Avoid nasal sprays with vasoconstrictors.
But, even following all these recommendations to the letter, it is still possible that, for some other reason, your body develops high blood pressure. Therefore, medical consultations and examinations are essential to identify a possible problem at the beginning and increase the chances of reversing the condition.

“We have cases of nocturnal hypertension, during sleep, which also bring an increased cardiovascular risk to patients, even when waking blood pressure is within acceptable values. Due to the various causes of high blood pressure, the management is based on multiple drugs that act on different systems of the organism”


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