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PeopleWith App Symptoms


How are you feeling today? How does that compare with other days? Are your symptoms improving or deteriorating?

Capture your symptom intensity, simply, everyday using with the PeopleWith symptom tracker.

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Store your medication in My Medication, set reminders, track medication compliance and compare how you're feeling week-on-week as a result of your medication use.

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Patient anonymity is absolute.

The personal information you supply within the PeopleWith App remains within the PeopleWith App and is utilised for the purpose of personalisation within the App. Information is securely stored and will not be sold or distributed.

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PeopleWith Approach

PeopleWith has developed an innovative patient focused health platform for everyone to monitor all aspects of their health. Enabling and empowering everyone to record and share evidence of their health presentation and progression direct to Health Care Professionals is critical in today’s world.

The PeopleWith App, is tailored to support the monitoring of symptoms, diagnosis and medications in addition to other health related factors that influence health profiles. This direct to healthcare resource promotes better outcomes through better informed clinicians on the unique presentation of health.

Unlike a number of Health tech providers, PeopleWith are making this healthcare resource available to everyone.

PeopleWith will consolidate and share anonymised data to assist researchers and health professionals understand the variance in symptom presentation and progression across diverse health profiles to inform future health.

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