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PeopleWith empowers and enables you to take control of your Health by putting you in the center. Start today by downloading the PeopleWith App.

PeopleWith App Symptoms Tracking
PeopleWith App Symptoms


How are you feeling today? How does that compare with other days? Are your symptoms improving or deteriorating?

Capture your symptom intensity, simply, everyday using with the PeopleWith symptom tracker.

PeopleWith App Medications


Store your medication in My Medication, set reminders, track medication compliance and compare how you're feeling week-on-week as a result of your medication use.

PeopleWith App Privacy


Patient anonymity is absolute.

The personal information you supply within the PeopleWith App remains within the PeopleWith App and is utilised for the purpose of personalisation within the App. Information is securely stored and will not be sold or distributed.

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PeopleWith Covid19 and Long Covid

PeopleWith's response to Covid-19

Over the last 4 years we at PeopleWith have been developing an innovative, patient focused application for everyone to monitor all aspects of their health. This App enables people to record and present evidence of their health to Health Care Professionals to assist them in making better informed treatment decisions.

The App, PeopleWith, is tailored to support the monitoring of symptoms, diagnosis and medications in addition to other health related factors that influence health profiles.

As a result of the global Coronavirus pandemic we are making the App available to everyone.

PeopleWith will utilise anonymised data to assist our health leaders, scientists and government leaders understand the variance of symptom presentation and progression across diverse health profiles.

Everyone needs to work together in order to overcome this current threat to you and your loved ones health. Your experience will help others gain a better experience.

Let's fight Coronavirus one symptom at a time.
We are all in this together.

By working together we will overcome Covid-19.