Sir David Attenborough blasts ‘ignorant’ anti-vaxxers but says most people know the Covid jab is a ‘great triumph of medicine’

Article By: DAN SALES

The broadcaster, 94, said he thought anti-vax sentiment was from ignorance Natural history legend Sir David admitted he understood fear of the unknown But he insisted people should trust medics and their 'great triumph of medicine’

Sir David Attenborough has hit out at coronavirus anti-vaxxers, branding their views ‘an ignorance of medical fact’.

The natural history broadcaster, 94, said he thought it could be borne from people mistrusting what they did not understand.

But he admitted he could see why some people were worried about having something new injected into their bodies

Sir David said: ‘It is an ignorance of medical fact and if you don’t understand it, it’s very easy to mistrust it.

‘After all, you’re dealing with something precious – you are dealing with your own body, your own life, and you wish to protect that. Quite right too.

‘And if you don’t understand what actually a vaccination does and to some degree, how it does it, then you say “keep off me”.’

During the interview with Channel 4 News he warned public opinion was facing a tipping point moment over the jab.

He sounded the alarm the country could face a serious problem if the population started believing the ant-vax groups.

Sir David added: ‘It seems to me more and more people are understanding what this is.

‘The majority of the population, I’m sure, understands perfectly well this is a great triumph of medicine.’

Sir David’s age means he has already had his first dose of the vaccine, alongside other big names including the Queen and Brian Blessed.

The Government say over 10 million people have now received a Covid jab in the UK.


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